5 Best College Care Packages for Guys & Girls

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My Healthy Pick: College Motivation and Stress Buster Pack!

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I love this motivation pack containing 12 gifts! My favorite gifts in the pack are the famous book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People‘, head massager, and stress buster mini-kit.

The best care packages for college students are:

  • ‘My College Crate’ Back to School Pack – Best study pack
  • ‘Brain and Grain’ Healthy Care Pack – Best healthy gift package
  • ‘Spa Lexetique’ Lavender Bath Pack – Best for girls
  • ‘Groovy Gifts’ Ultimate Men’s Care Pack – Best for guys
  • ‘Beyond Bookmarks’ College Pack – Best motivation and stress buster pack
  • ‘My College Crate’ College Party Pack
  • ‘Starbucks’ Coffee Pack – Best for coffee lovers
  • ‘Conexion Store’ Movie Night Gift Pack – Best for a cozy night in
  • ‘Beyond Bookmarks’ Get Well Soon Pack – Best for sick college students

Best Care Packages for College Students

1. Best Healthy Pack

Quick Review: Get this healthy gift pack for a student who needs snacks while studying for exams.

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Why I like it:

Most people eat lots of snacks while studying. The problem is that most snacks are so unhealthy! This snack pack is a collection of tasty but healthy snacks for some guilt-free snacking while you study! This pack contains a great range of healthy snacks such as Pop chips, granola bars, pistachios and teas. It also comes with what Brain & Grain calls a ‘stress relief slinky’ (which to be honest didn’t make sense, but hey – I’ll take it!). The company does reserve the right to swap out some products for other healthy products depending on supply availability.

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2. Best for Girls

Quick Review: A well curated package for women. Every item is a lavender scented bath product.

Why I like it:

This is a really well constructed package. Sometimes I think things get thrown into a gift pack without much thought being put into them. But this was by far the best gift pack for college girls I could find – everything is lavender themed and bath related. It feels like the sort of package you might get when checking-in to a high-class hotel. Plus, it is surprisingly affordable for all you get in this pack. By many accounts, this is the most impressive package on this list.

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3. Best Party Pack

Quick Review: Get this one for a college student in a dorm or share house who likes to party!

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Why I like it:

If you’re getting a gift for someone you know likes to party, you can’t go past this one. Each item is pretty on-theme and there aren’t any pointless fillers in the pack. I was really blown away by how much I got in this pack: a frisbee, playing cards, inflatable beach ball, beer pong kit, insulated cooler bag, beer koozie, portable Bluetooth speaker, waterproof phone pouch, a pair of sunglasses, metal water bottle, and bottle opener.

I can’t believe they could keep the costs down – especially with the speaker! (To be fair, it’s not the best speaker, but it’s still decent enough).

This really is the best constructed gift pack that is specifically designed for college students. Every item is cool and usable. The only reason I did not select it for my top pick is that I didn’t think it was right for everyone – only party people.

4. Best for Coffee Lovers

Quick Review: An impressive gourmet coffee gift set with a variety of flavors for an immersive coffee experience.

Why I like it:

This coffee gift box offers a selection of gourmet coffee flavors, perfect for students who need to study through the night! The set comes with twelve sample bags, each containing 1.75 oz of medium roast ground coffee. It includes unique flavors like Hazelnut, Chocolate Raspberry, Colombian, Italian Dark Roast, to name a few. Plus, it comes with a range of specialist blends like Beanery special blend and the Breakfast blend.

What also makes this gift set special is that the coffees are Indonesian-grown and freshly ground for automatic drip, offering a high-quality experience. Do note that this gourmet coffee gift basket does come at a slightly higher price than others in this list. But for coffee enthusiasts, the variety and quality of coffee offered quite justify it.

5. For Jerky Lovers

Quick Review: This jerky gift box is a meaty treat for university students in need of high protein snacks.

Why I like it:

Ideal for those long nights of studying or back-to-back online classes, this jerky gift box offers a high protein alternative to sugary snacks. The box boasts an extensive variety, providing an assortment of flavors to cater to different preferences, making your study breaks all the more enjoyable.

It contains 23 individually wrapped meat sticks and 3 cheese sticks, so the student is are sure to find a snack suited to their palate.

When compared to other care packages, this one stands out because it’s not just another pack stuffed with chocolates – it’s actually got a decent coherent theme. This was the more affordable of all the jerky gift boxes I found.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of gift packages available out there these days that I don’t think there’s a best care package for college students. It all depends on their personality. There’s a pack for the healthy-minded, one for the guilty pleasures. There are packs for guys, packs for girls, and packs for the party lovers. While I chose the ‘motivation and stress relief’ pack because it fits everyone, with so much variety out there, you really need to choose for yourself. Hopefully this list has made it easier!

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