7 Best Shower Caddies for College Student Dorms

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Want a Quick Answer? Get this Affordable Caddy.

My pick for the best shower caddy for college students is the Haundry Mesh Caddy. It’s very affordable. Click the image to check the price on Amazon.

Here are some other good options for toiletry bags. The best shower caddies for college students are:

  • Haundry Mesh Caddy (Best Overall)
  • Evelots Hanging Caddy (Most Convenient)
  • Terra Home Portable Caddy (Largest)
  • Zenna Home Over-The-Shower Caddy
  • iDesign Orbz Plastic Bathroom Shower Tote
  • Attmu Portable Caddy
  • Bags in Bag Toiletry Organizer (Most Portable)

Best Shower Caddy for College

1. Haundry Mesh Caddy – Best Overall

Quick Review: I’m a fan of the shape and portability of this one. The added bonus of a spot to hang your key is so important when you live in a college dorm.

Benefits for college students:

  • Won’t break the bank – it’s really affordable.
  • Easy to carry into and out of the shower with you.
  • This one’s large enough to hold a towel.
  • Minimal water log in the caddy. It’s designed with mesh walls for quick dry and to allow water to flow through.
  • Can carry dozens of shampoos, soaps, towels, combs, etc. The 8 external compartments can hold containers while the middle compartment fits a towel.

Other Things to Think About:

  • It’s machine washable – super convenient!
  • Folds away very small (you can keep it in your undies drawer).
  • Long handles that can hang on a towel hook in the bathroom.

2. Evelots Hanging Caddy – Most Convenient

Quick Review: I love how you can hang this one over your shower curtain for ease of use while you’re in the shower.

Benefits for college students:

  • Hangs on the shower curtain. This is far and away the biggest pro of this toiletries bag (and a really attractive option).
  • As it hangs, it is very easy to reach and use everything while in the shower.

Other Things to Think About:

  • Keep things you want to keep dry in the top two pockets. The shower spray is less likely to reach up there.
  • It doesn’t have nearly as convenient handles as the Haundry option.
  • With 6 pockets, it also has less storage space than the Haundry. You don’t have space to hold your towel.

3. Terra Home Portable Shower Caddy – Largest

Quick Review: Large and zippable. The ideal bag for someone with a lot of toiletries and who travels to and from their hometown and college town regularly.

Benefits for college students:

  • If you have a lot of toiletries, this one’s for you.
  • If you travel to and from college regularly, this bag’s zipper makes it an easy to transport shower bag (without losing anything!).
  • The hook makes the bag great for hanging over your towel hook.
  • There are spaces for storing toothbrushes and razors inside.

Other things to Think About:

  • Use the front pocket to store your keys and valuables while showering.
  • There is not a mesh floor on this bag. You run the risk of getting water log compared to mesh-bottomed bags.

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4. YUMA Active Suction Cap Caddy

Quick Review: The suction cap is the drawing card of this one. Hang it anywhere in the shower. It’s also very compact.

Benefits for college students:

  • Hangs anywhere you want it to. Use the suction cap to hang the bag on a convenient shower wall.
  • Very compact. I would consider this one if I also like to backpack or travel during semester breaks.
  • Mesh layer means this bag drains easily and will dry quickly.
  • The outer drawstring carrybag adds a layer of compact-ability for travel and storage.

Other things to Think About:

  • Be sure to hang the suction cap before turning the shower on. It works better on dry surfaces.
  • This is a small toiletries bag. If you have large shampoo bottles or body wash, this one might not be best for you.

5. Zenna Home Over the Shower Caddy

Quick Review: This would be a great pick if you live in a shared space with three people you trust. Keep the shower and toiletries caddy hanging in the shower and claim one section each.

Benefits for college students:

  • Great for share houses where you have 3 or 4 housemates.
  • A permanent shower storage solution for people who trust their housemates. Each of you gets one section.
  • Extra hooks at the bottom make it easy to hang your Loofah / Shower Puff.
  • Dedicated space for holding razors.

Other things to Think About:

  • No water log. There is nowhere on this caddy for water to get stuck.
  • The spot where it hangs has good grip, but make sure your shower head can handle any additional weight.
  • The manufacturers claim it is rust resistant, but metals will rust eventually.

6. iDesign Orbz Plastic Bathroom Shower Tote

Quick Review: I like how you can wipe it dry after use much more easily than cloth and mesh ones.

Benefits for college students:

  • Holds its shape and stands on its own in the shower (e.g. on the shower floor).
  • Has 9 compartments including one that is the perfect size for your toothbrush, one for your razor, and one raised spot for soap.
  • The compartments also help keep your shower accessories organized.

Other things to Think About:

  • Where will you place this while showering? On the floor? Is there a bench to place it on? You could hang it over your tap handle. Have a think about this practicality before purchasing.
  • The compartment walls are not removable, so you need to work with the compartment sizes provided.

7. Bags in Bag Toiletry Organizer – Most Portable

Quick Review: Best if you want a shower bag that you can zip up. Mesh design allows easy drainage.

Benefits for college students:

  • Easy for transport. The biggest pro here is that you can zip it up so your accessories don’t spill out.
  • Consider this one if you shower at your local gym or take your toiletries with you beyond your own home.

Other things to Think About:

  • As it’s zippable, you can’t have super-sized containers that are larger than the container.
  • Will this product stand upright as well as some others?
  • Consider where you will place it while in the shower. On the floor? Is there a bench to place it on?

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What to Look for in a Shower Caddy (for Students)

Portability – Zipper?

If you’re just wanting a caddy to carry to and from your dorm room, a zipper to keep everything in isn’t that necessary. But for other uses, a zip is necessary. Consider:

  • Driving with your Toiletries: Do you often drive to and from your hometown and college? If so, you might want to get a shower bag that has a zipper. When you can zip it shut, it’s easier to transport without everything falling out all over your car.
  • Going to and from the Gym: If you also want to travel to and from the gym, again a zipper may be best to keep everything from falling out during transit.
  • Travelling and Backpacking: Many college students travel during their semester break. If you’re into backpacking around, you’ll want a small, compact and zippable option. For travelling, I would choose the YUMA suction-cap toiletries bag (see #4 on the list).

Drainage and Quick Drying

A mesh bottom shower bag will allow instant drainage and prevent water log. Mesh bags can be quickly throw in in the wash to clean and dry with ease. Bags with solid bases can be hard to dry. Lastly, metal caddies may cause rust, but can also be very durable for a permanent solution in the shower.

Key Holder

One of the reasons I chose the Haundry caddy as my top choice was the really convenient key holder. You’ll need somewhere to keep your room key safe while showering – especially if you live in a shared dorm.

Shared Caddies

Consider a shared caddy if you have trustworthy and semi-permanent housemates (such as in a shared house downtown rather the on-campus college dorm). This is a caddy that you can keep in the shower and each person has their own section. It saves you having to transport your products to and from the shower … but you also risk having your housemates use up all your shampoo!

Final Thoughts

A shower bag or ‘caddy’ can be really useful for organizing yourself and making your shower that little bit easier. For me, the best shower caddy for college students is the Haundry mesh caddy – it’s large, easy to drain, easy to story, and easy to wash. But all the other options on this list have their pros, too. So … make your pick, and good luck at college!

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