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Hi! I’m Chris.

But I’m better known as The Helpful Professor.

I am an online university teacher and am here to turn around your grades!

I teach for a university in Melbourne Australia but (as I teach online) I actually live in Vancouver Canada!

Why ‘The Helpful Professor’?

I’ve been teaching at universities for long enough to know that university professors are not very helpful. Why do they make everything so hard to understand? Are they intentionally making it all so complicated? Why can’t they just tell you what to do to get good grades?

If you’re an online student or returning to studies after some time off, I’m your guy!

I realized I had a bit of a knack for explaining things in a way my students understand. Maybe it’s because I was also just an average student at college.

Anyway, I started this website to provide easy-to-read information for my online university students.

The website has grown a lot since then, but the concept remains the same: simple and easy to read study guides that help you get ahead.

Getting in Touch

Students: Sorry, I don’t currently offer one-to-one help. Each article I write can help thousands of students, so my time is best spent writing easy to understand study guides that everyone can access.

Outreach marketers, don’t bother reaching out. I won’t respond.

The Formal Stuff…

I’m a university teacher with a PhD in Sociology of Education.

I’ve been a teacher for over a decade, with experience teaching in elementary schools and universities. I mentor early childhood studies students at university, and many of the articles you’ll find on this site are based on my conversations with those amazing students.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Teesside University, 2018)
  • Ph.D in Educational Sociology (Australian Catholic University, 2015)
  • Bachelor of Education, Honours 1st Class (Charles Sturt University, 2010)

Scholarly Publications

[View my Google Scholar Profile Here]

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Conference Proceedings

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Thanks for Visiting!

Please enjoy the website!

Dr. Chris Drew (PhD, B.Ed Hons)

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