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“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chris. One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I love his easy clear teaching style.”

Jessica T.
Social Studies Student

“I was so impressed by the support and presence of Chris. Chris is so involved, supportive, and energetic. I would not have done as well as I did at university without his wonderful guidance and enthusiasm.”

Sally R.
Bachelor of Education Student

“Chris is supportive and a very effective teacher. He has a great way of explaining the points and breaking down everything into bite size pieces. He goes out of his way to help his students improve.”

Krystin S.
Youth Studies Student

“Chris goes over and beyond any other teacher I have ever had, very approachable and on the ball with every last detail. Big shoutout to Chris.”

James L.
Bachelor of Arts Student

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Top Academic Writing and Study Skill Guides

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Practical tips on how to write an introduction for your next essay.

How to Prevent Procrastination while Studying

Here are 11 science-based tips on how to stay focused on your studies.

How to Start an Essay (When you Don’t know what to Write)

Sometimes the first sentence is the hardest. Here’s your solution.

How to Find Scholarly Sources Online (For Free)

A simple guide to getting those scholarly sources you need for your next paper.

My Perfect Paragraph Structure Formula

This is one of my biggest and best tricks for writing amazing in-depth essays.

Should you get Grammarly? Here’s my Opinion.

I take a look at the arguments on both sides of this topic.

How to Paraphrase like a Pro to Get Top Grades

Paraphrasing is hard – but I’ve got it down to an art with this simple formula.

How to Edit your Essay to Get 13% Higher Grades

Research shows appropriate editing will grow your grade by 13%. Here’s how.

How to Write Conclusions with my 5 Cs Conclusion Method

End your essay in style with this simple effective method for writing conclusions.

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