35 Best Transition Words for Examples

When transitioning to examples, we can simply use the term “for example”, but over time, this word starts to feel tedious and repetitive in our writing.

As a result, we can replace “for example” transition words with words and phrases like “for instance”, “as an example”, and “a valuable case in point is”. Here are 35 ways you could do it:

Teachers: A printable copy of this table is provided at the bottom.

Transition WordExample Sentence
FirstlyFirstly, we need to analyze the data carefully.
SecondlySecondly, we should consult with the team members.
ThirdlyThirdly, it’s important to consider the budget constraints.
AdditionallyAdditionally, we found more evidence supporting our theory.
MoreoverMoreover, the new data corroborates our findings.
FurthermoreFurthermore, this approach simplifies the process.
ConsequentlyConsequently, the project was delayed by a week.
As a resultAs a result, we saw a significant increase in efficiency.
ThereforeTherefore, we must reconsider our initial plan.
ThusThus, the hypothesis was proven correct.
HoweverHowever, the results were not as expected.
NeverthelessNevertheless, we decided to continue with the plan.
NonethelessNonetheless, the team remained optimistic.
On the other handOn the other hand, the alternative approach has its merits.
In contrastIn contrast, the second experiment failed.
InsteadInstead, we opted for a more direct method.
SimilarlySimilarly, the other group experienced the same issues.
In the same wayIn the same way, the second product faced similar challenges.
For instanceFor instance, last year’s sales increased in Q3.
For exampleFor example, consider the case of the XYZ Corporation.
In conclusionIn conclusion, the evidence clearly supports our theory.
To summarizeTo summarize, the main points were…
In summaryIn summary, these findings have several implications.
FinallyFinally, we reached an agreement with the stakeholders.
LastlyLastly, I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts.
In briefIn brief, the project was a resounding success.
In essenceIn essence, our strategy hinges on this principle.
OverallOverall, the campaign was highly effective.
To put it simplyTo put it simply, we exceeded our goals.
In other wordsIn other words, the system needs a complete overhaul.
To concludeTo conclude, our findings point to a clear trend.
All in allAll in all, it’s been a productive year.

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Other Types Of Transition Words

  • Compare and Contrast: In comparison, In contrast, However, Despite this, Other researchers argue, Unlike the above point, Conflicting research finds
  • Cause and Effect: Therefore, Thus, As a result, This has led to, As a result, Because, Consequently, For that reason, Hence, For that reason
  • List Order: First, Second, Third, Forth, In the first instance, In the second instance, Firstly, Secondly, Next, Lastly, Finally
  • Time Order: Afterwards, Concurrently, Later, Meanwhile, Following, In the meantime, Simultaneously, Concomitantly, Subsequently
  • Summary and conclusion: Overall, In summary, On balance, In conclusion, All Things Considered, The Best Evidence Suggests.
  • Evidence Transition Words: As can be seen in, To demonstrate, Evidence of this fact can be seen in, Proof of this point is found in, For instance, For one thing, Compelling evidence shows
  • Emphasis: In fact, Indeed, Furthermore, Particularly, Surely, Undeniably, Indesputably, Confirms, Certifies, Proves
  • Similarity: Similarly, In a similar way, Concurring research finds, likewise, equivalently, also, significantly


Transition words of examples don’t need to just use the phrase “for example”. There is a wide range of synonyms and interesting phrases that can demonstrate mastery of the English language. Be sure to choose transition words that suit the genre and formality of your essay, and check your drafts with your teacher who will be able to give you feedback on whether your transition words have been well-selected and flow nicely in the piece.

transition words for examples, explained below
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