13+ Examples of the word “Academic” in a Sentence

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The word ‘academic’ might feel pretty new to you!

In this post, I’ll share the definition of the word and give you a few examples of it in a sentence.

1. Academic Definition

‘Academic’ can be defined in three distinct ways, but all relating to the practice of learning at a higher level, such as learning that takes place at a university or college.

The three definitions, briefly summarized, would be:

  1. Learning that takes place at a higher education institution (adjective).
  2. A person who teaches at a higher education institution (noun).
  3. A description of a person considered intelligent in regard to theoretical and abstract thinking (adjective).

Note that ‘Academic’ refers to the sorts of learning that takes place in contemplative, scholarly environments such as universities. It is generally not used in relation to practical or vocation abilities.

Synonyms for the adjectival use (Points 1 and 2 above) include: Educational, Pedagogical, Scholarly, Abstract.

Synonyms for the use of ‘academic’ as a noun include: Teacher, Professor, Lecturer, Scholar.

An ‘Academic Major’ is:

  1. An academic major refers to the area of scholarship a student chooses to specialize in within their degree.
academic in a sentence

2. How to use ‘Academic’ in a Sentence (8 Examples)

Here’s a few sentences with the word ‘Academic’ in them to give you an idea of how to use it in a sentence.

  1. In regards to his hobby for reading textbooks, he was a particularly academic man.
  2. The man was an academic who taught in a formal educational institution.
  3. His academic credentials were second to none. He placed first in his class at university.
  4. He was academically very gifted and went on to study at Harvard University.
  5. She was not an academic person so decided to become a ship hand instead of going to university.
  6. The information seemed overly academic, and therefore, she decided it meant little to her.
  7. Her academic achievements included the publication of a journal article and the winning of a scholarship.
  8. In reward for his academic aptitude, he was granted a degree.
  9. In an essay you should provide at least two academic references per paragraph. (Sentence from this site)
  10. Markers scan and look out for signposts that indicate you’ve followed academic conventions and mentioned the right key ideas. (Sentence from this site)

3. How to use the word ‘Academic Major’ in a Sentence (3 Examples)

Here’s a few sentences with the word ‘Academic Major’ in them to give you an idea of how to use it in a sentence:

  1. He decided to study Science as his academic major.
  2. She was required to choose an academic major in order to specialize in one specific topic.
  3. She decided to change her academic major from physics to psychology after she found she preferred social science classes.

Share your use of the word in a sentence below, and I’ll add it to the list!

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