10 Russian People Physical Characteristics and Traits

10 Russian People Physical Characteristics and Traits

Stereotypical physical characteristics of Russian people include a broader nose, dark blond eyebrows, fair skin, and a round face.

There are a number of factors that contribute to these characteristics. In cultural stereotypes, Russian people are also seen as being individualistic, hard-working, honest, and generous.

Remember, though, that these are stereotypes and probably don’t accurately reflect the reality – that like everyone, Russians are a diverse group of people within individual character traits, looks, and beliefs.

In the rest of this article, I’ll walk you through 5 common stereotypes about physical characteristic of Russians and 5 stereotypical character traits associated with them – keeping in mind that this is a broad brush characterization that we’re looking at to explore stereotypes, not reality.

5 Top Physical Characteristics of Russian People

Before noting some of the most common physical characteristics of Russian people, it’s important to be aware of a simple fact: there isn’t a single phenotype for the Russian people.

They are rooted in numerous East Slavic tribes, and many Russians today have some Norse, Finno-Ugric, Turkic, and other influences affecting their physical appearance.

1. Lighter Colored Hair

Generally, Russians have lighter colored hair, with 33% of the population having blonde hair, and another 50% having dirty blond or brown hair.

This is quite similar to the European hair color, which tends to be lighter more often than not.

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2. Fair Skin

Another common trait of Russian people is fairer skin.

While there are, of course, some native-born Russians with darker skins, a lot of the historical tribes and groups that make up the Russian phenotype had fair skin.

You’ll often see a range of very fair skin to mildly tan-colored skin, and this color can change from generation to generation.

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3. Thin Lips

Another distinguishing characteristic of the semi-typical Russian is thin lips, especially in Caucasian Russians.

These thin lips are accommodated with protruding eyebrows and generally lighter-colored eyes that are slightly narrower than other Europeans. It is common for the blonde haired blue-eyed gene to be accompanied by thin lips.

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4. Rounded Nose

Another facial feature that is distinct about Russians is their broader, rounded nose.

This is paired with a more pointed chin, flatter cheeks, and larger foreheads. This semi-typical feature is shared among other European groups as well.

5. Varying Hair Shapes

While Russian hair generally ranges from blond to brown, often paired with blue or mixed eyes, the shape of hair differs greatly thanks to the numerous influences that make up the Russian ethnic profile.

About 80-90% of the people living in Russia are Russian and have varying hair shapes, volume, and length. Men generally have shorter sideburns, and women have very thin eyebrows.

5 Stereotypical Character Traits of Russian People

Russia is the largest country in the world, and its people are known for many different character traits, from drinking Vodka to being aggressive and cruel. While there is some truth to some of these traits, oftentimes, the perspective of Russian people gets distorted by media sources.

1. Russians Are Big Drinkers

This one, believe it or not, is actually true. Russia does have a very high drinking level compared to the rest of the world.

There is a perception of Russians as “heavy drinkers”. In fact, people who don’t drink can be treated with a bit of suspicion since drinking is, at least according to many Russian people, a way of being.

That is fast changing, however, since many young Russians don’t drink in order adhere to a healthier lifestyle choice.

2. Russians Are Aggressive

This rumor likely stems all the way back to the Cold War, where propaganda pieces were levied against Russians to create a negative impression and stoke fears.

This trend of Russians being brutally aggressive has also manifested in many movies and TV shows, too, with the stereotypical Russian mobster being the villain in many pieces.

As with any culture, you’ll find a whole range of people, from the aggressive to the timid among Russian people.

3. Russians Never Smile

The concept that Russians are very serious and never smile is an interesting one and not entirely inaccurate.

Russians believe that a constant smile is a sign of insincerity. After all, they posit, only a fool smiles constantly.

As such, Russians will often save their smiles for something they truly believe is funny or as a means of flirting.

4. Individuality

Another character trait commonly associated with Russians is the lone wolf identity.

Stereotypically, Russians don’t tend to step outside of their social circles as much and keep to their own.

Of course, this isn’t true of every Russian person you meet, but it is a cultural perception that Russian people tend to be more guarded about publicizing their private thoughts or making new friends.

One popular philosophy in Russia is that life is suffering, which means that you must be the bearer of those sufferings. No, this doesn’t indicate that all Russians are dour nihilists; rather, that one must be capable of bearing those sufferings throughout life.

5. Hard Working

Many Russians pride themselves in their strength, and not just physically speaking. They tend to work steadily and consistently, bringing a level head to any challenge in order to overcome it.

This philosophy of overcoming the odds stems from their heritage. Most Russians are descended from peasants who worked the land and worked long, grueling hours every day.

They were taught humility and loyalty to the tsar as their duty, a rule established and enforced by the Orthodox Church. If there’s anything that’s carried over from the history of Russia, it’s their grit and determination when the going gets tough.


There are a number of traits that distinguish Russians from other ethnicities, but by and large, they reflect common characteristics of other Europeans, including fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes, thin lips, and a rounded nose.

From their earliest years, Russians have exemplified the virtues of hard work, loyalty, and camaraderie, traits that continue to be represented in various ways in movies and TV shows around the world.

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