37 Vision and Mission Statements for Spas and Estheticians

definitions of vision and mission statements, explained below

I studied 37 esthetician and spa mission statements found using snowball sampling online.

A text analysis shows that common words in the mission statements included: wellness, service, beauty, environment, quality, committed, education, relaxation, healing, health, well-being, and atmosphere.

A common theme across the discourse analysis of the mission statements revealed that esthetician mission statements highly value:

  • Service as a product: The focus is on providing a quality experience.
  • Personalized experiences: There is also a strong focus on making the client feel pampered, such as in quotes like “see a smile on our client’s face” and “[we] want to make your experience with us as unique and memorable as you.”

Below are examples of spa and esthetician mission statements from around the web. If you’re creating your own, remember to use these as inspiration, but make sure your mission statement is unique to your own brand.

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Esthetician and Spa Mission Statement Examples

  • “Every day we at Bellagio Luxury Spas aim to deliver not only high quality prouducts to out customers but also supply them with allround service to create an efficient, positive and for both sides successful business relationship.” – Bellagio Luxury Spa
  • “Treating the whole mind, body and spirit – by integrating ancient healing modalities with the best of modern science.” – Amanagi Spa
  • “Here at Elements of Style, we value our guests’ experience and deliver a high quality of service. Each reservation is customized to fit each individual’s personal style and beauty budget.” – Elements of Style Salon
  • “Skin Essence A day spa invites you to come enjoy peace, tranquility and relaxation. Our goal is to provide you with the finest treatments available in a beautiful, zen environment and to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and well-being.” – Skin Essence Day Spa
  • “Our mission statement at Wispers Day Spa is to inspire staff and clients to connect with beauty that creates a passion for living one’s best life by providing elite service, products and care – no exceptions.” – Wispers Day Spa
  • “Our goal is to safely produce excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your personal aesthetic and with minimal down-time.” – Koru Wellness Aesthetics
  • “Our mission at Sonrisa is to care for the people we serve and our planet. Our vision is to be a leading innovator in connecting the mind, body and spirit through holistic inspiration, education and service.” – Sonrisa Day Spa
  • “Our Wellness Spa Team of Professionals are committed to openly listening to the needs of our guests and with respect, genuine acceptance, and compassion will help to positively guide towards physical relaxation, spiritual and mental renewal, and individual growth within a sanctuary that welcomes one home again and again.” – The Wellness Spa, Inc.
  • “Our mission is to promote relaxation, stress relief, and a pain free lifestyle though therapeutic massage and bodywork while supporting you in healing yourself holistically. Our focus is to provide natural solutions as well as education that ultimately result in helping you realize optimum health and happiness.” – Planet Massage
  • “Our mission is to enrich, enhance & encourage individuals through their beauty. We strive for excellence by setting goals, educating & communicating with our guests and each other.” – Bella Salon + Spa
  • “Our goal is to provide you with an atmosphere where you can escape from everyday stresses and focus on your well-being. In today’s society, we often are too busy and forget to take care of ourselves.” – Ultimate Escape Day Spa
  • “We are committed to wellness for our clients, our team and our earth by providing the highest level of customer service, by upholding the highest standard of professionalism and by incorporating green practices & organic products in truly peaceful, luxurious spa environments.” – Rocky Mountain Day Spa
  • “The Sunrise Wellness Spa mission is to add value by providing the finest care and healing environment in the spa industry so our guests leave with renewed balance and beauty.” – The Sunrise Wellness Spa
  • “To provide a unique service experience while striving for excellence in each and every action and consistently exceeding our guests’ expectations.” – Avalon Salon Spa
  • “Our mission is to commit to ourselves to Refresh your mind body and spirit. We want to revive your body, renew your health and improve your performance in your busy life.” – Refresh Spa and Wellness
  • “RSVP Med Spa has a genuine desire to enhance your self-image and confidence at any age by delivering results-driven, quality care with state-of-the-art equipment through our highly trained staff” – RSVP Med Spa
  • “We are committed that every client who enters, leaves feeling more empowered, more connected, more accepted and  more beautiful than when they arrived.” – Clean Slate Spa
  • “Our mission is to deliver exceptional patient experiences with outstanding outcomes.” – AesthetiSpa
  • “Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing a highly professional, state-of-the-art salon and spa in a warm, relaxing and customer-focused environment.” – Elavína Salon and Spa
  • “We believe that the rejuvenation experienced at Fountain Springs Wellness Spa empowers personal well-being through the integration of health and beauty in one location.” – Fountain Springs Wellness Spa
  • “My goal as an aesthetician is to bring back the confidence that other people lost just because of having imperfect skin and body, and at the same time give them the relaxation they truly deserve.” – La Bella Med Spa
  • “Our purpose – our passion – is to provide our guests with exceptional service. We strive to feel the needs of our guests and respond with salubrious feedback.” – Mandara spa
  • “Urban Float is committed to providing a clean, calm, and welcoming environment so guests can get the most out of flotation therapy.” – Urban Float
  • “Simply Euphoric Spa and Wellness provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of health and well-being to health-minded individuals.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with nurturing treatments and sub education to promote relaxation and self-healing.  Our success is built on trust, expertise, professionalism and our personal touch.” – Simply Euphoric Spa and Wellness
  • “Our mission is to provide our customers with genuine, knowledge based, expert level skin care advice.” – Skin Trends
  • “At Bauhaus Salon + Haus Spa, we want to make your experience with us as unique and memorable as you.” – Bauhaus Salon + Haus Spa
  • “To provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations and to ensure the highest quality hair and skincare products available. To maintain a team-based environment that builds trust and allows staff to achieve goals while creating an atmosphere that encourages personal and professional growth through continuous education.” – Hair Etcetera
  • “Happiness is our business moto. Every day, our objective is to see the smile on our client’s face when they pick up their car. Clean car do make people happier.” – Metrotown Car Wash – The Auto Spa
  • “It’s our mission to make every guest feel welcome while providing superior hair care, nail care, skin care, and massage services in a fun, inviting atmosphere.” – Innovations Salon & Spa
  • “We are committed to offering the highest quality of attention to each member who chooses to work with us and we aspire to cultivate an environment where our clients will receive healing, naturally.” – HempyHands Massage
  • “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” – Neroli Salon & Spa
  • The Reflexology Association of Canada aims to be the foremost registering body of Reflexology Therapists in Canada.” – Reflexology Association of Canada
  • “Knowing that everyone has their own unique style, it is our goal to assist each and everyone of our guests to express theirs.” – EM Salon & Spa
  • “We partner with our patients on a journey to beautiful skin ensuring you look and feel your best.” – Cayce Medical Spa
  • “Adara Spa’s mission is to set the highest standards in services, products and  exemplary client care. We deliver a quality of service that is difficult to find elsewhere.” – Adara Spa
  • “To restore the natural beauty within ourselves, one treatment at a time.” – Century Derma Lounge
  • “We are an innovative salon delivering world class experiences in education while delivering cultivating community awareness.” – Infinitee Salon & Spa

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Common Words in Spa Mission Statements

To figure out what’s valued in a spa mission statement, I ran each of the above mission statements through a word cloud and generated a table of the most common words in a mission statement. The results are below.


A common theme across the discourse analysis of the mission statements revealed that esthetician mission statements highly value:

  • Service as a product: The focus is on providing a quality experience such as in the use of words like “quality”, “service”, and “atmosphere”.
  • Personalized experiences: There is also a strong focus on making the client feel pampered, such as in quotes like “see a smile on our client’s face” and “[we] want to make your experience with us as unique and memorable as you.”

Don’t forget to also write a code of ethics – see here for a hospitality code of ethics example


Remember, if you’re making your own mission statement for your spa or esthetician business, you need to make your own rather than taking someone else’s. But the above examples and study can help you to understand what’s valued in an esthetician mission statement.

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