Lemon Fruit Meaning and Symbolism (Uniqueness and Friendship)

lemon symbolism and dream meanings

From those refreshing summer cocktails to those tangy dips, lemons add that tangy flavor to foods and drinks that so many people love.

But lemons also have deep cultural symbolism and can signify wit, uniqueness, friendship, and purity.

Lemons have such a strong flavor profile that they are used carefully. Their juice is diluted to make their sour taste palatable. Adding too much of it can make your entire dish sour and adding too little can make it bland.

Seeing a lemon in your dreams can also have many positive meanings and symbols. It can symbolize good income, happy marriage, and happy childbirth among other positive things.

What Does Lemon Symbolize in Real Life?

1. Wit

Because of their unique flavor profile and the ability to add a new taste to everything, lemons are a symbol of wittiness. A person who is witty is often described as ‘zesty’, a term that we also associate with lemons.

2. Uniqueness

Lemons are one of the most unique fruits in the world. Their flavor profile is also extremely unique. So, we look at lemons as symbols of uniqueness and the importance of being unique in the world.

3. Spirituality

Lemons are used for spiritual purposes in many cultures. They’re associated with feminine spirituality in particular and are used for creating witchcraft potions and practicing black magic in some subcultural groupings.

4. Purity

Lemons are also used to cast away the negative energy in many cultures and that is why they are considered a symbol of purity by many people.

5. Being Defective

In the English language, the idiom “it’s a lemon” refers to something that doesn’t seem to work well. For example, a second-hand car that is ineffective is called a lemon.

Furthermore, we have a saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This means that if life gives you something that doesn’t work or that seems bad (e.g. sour), make something good out of it. Lemons don’t taste great on their own, but you can turn them into lemonade which is delicious!

What Does Dreaming of Lemon Fruit Symbolize?

1. Good Income (Seeing a Giant Lemon)

If you see a giant lemon in your dreams, you can consider it a lucky sign. Some people believe that lemons can be a sign that you have the potential to earn a good income in your life.

This doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to get that good income. You still have to work for it. But your subconsciousness seems to think that you are capable of making a good income if you try.

2. Good News (Seeing a Yellow Lemon)

Seeing a yellow lemon in your dreams can be a lucky sign. It can suggest that your subconscious mind is expecting good news soon.

This good news might be related to your career or business, or it might be related to your private life. I don’t believe that dreams can predict the future, but I do think your dreams are a reflection of what your mind is expecting to happen soon.

3. Happy Marriage (Seeing Various Types of Lemons on a Plate)

If you see a lot of different types of lemons on a plate then it can hint towards a happy marriage.

Having a happy marriage means that you know your roles, responsibilities, and boundaries really well. It also shows great compatibility. If you have this dream, then your subconscious might think that you are in a very happy relationship.

4. Growing Friendships (Seeing Lemons Grow)

Seeing lemons grow in your dreams is a good sign as it can signify a growing friendship with someone.

Having genuine friends in this world is a blessing. So, try to make more friends and be a good friend as well. You never know when you will need help.

5. Act More Maturely (Seeing a Green Lemon)

If you see a green lemon in your dreams then some people consider it a wake-up call. Your subconscious mind might be telling you to act more maturely.

While childish nature has its own merits and freedom, at some point you have to start acting maturely in order to secure your positive long-term goals.

6. Feeling Unwell (Eating a Sour Tasting Lemon)

Lemon has a sour taste and that is why people don’t eat it whole like other fruits. Seeing it in your dreams can have some negative indications. There is a chance that you currently feel ill.

It seems as if a lot of people who feel unwell have this dream, and it may be because you have an acidic taste in your mouth due to some gut imbalance.

7. Deception (Buying Lemons)

If you find yourself buying lemons in dreams then it can be a sign you’re feeling deceptive.

You might have been dreaming about deceiving someone or even considering it lately. Deception isn’t always a good thing to do, so proceed with caution. Deception can come back at you and cause you problems.

Summary: Lemon Dreams

Seeing lemons in your dreams can have a lot of positive meanings. It can hint towards a happy marriage, growing friendship, and good news.

I personally don’t put much weight on my dreams. While they’re fun to interpret, remember that it’s just a bit of fun – dreams are almost impossible to interpret because they’re so subjective and contextual. But here is a summary of some examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Lemon Fruit SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Seeing a Giant LemonYour income potential is great.
2.Seeing a Yellow LemonYou’re expecting good news soon.
3.Seeing Various Lemons on a PlateIt hints towards a happy marriage.
4.Seeing Lemons GrowIt can symbolize growing friendship.
5.Seeing a Green LemonIt can be viewed as a wake-up call telling you to act more maturely.
6.Eating Sour Tasting LemonYou might feel a little unwell.
7.Buying LemonsYou might be feeling deceptive at the moment.


Lemons are quite unique and that is why they have a special place in our cultures. They can symbolize wit, uniqueness spirituality, and friendship in real life. Seeing a lemon in your dreams can also have a lot of positive meanings and interpretations.

Remember that symbolism is highly subjective, especially when it comes to dream interpretations. This is all just a bit of fun and shouldn’t shape your behaviors going forward. Look at it as a fun exercise and put it aside.

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