101 Class Group Name Ideas (for School Students)

class table group names

Class group names are great for building a sense of classroom rapport and team bonding. Elementary school classrooms are often structured into table groups where each table needs its on group name. Similarly, whole classes and even whole schools might want to come up with a group name to inspire a sense of belonging.

And with the growth of online learning, virtual group names can also be used to establish group rapport.

Class Group Names

Names for Table Group

class table group names
  1. Brainy Badgers – You’re smart and hard working
  2. Intelligent Iguanas – You think you’re the smartest group
  3. Clever Cats – You’re clever and you know it
  4. Canny Cougars – You are quick witted thinkers
  5. Thinking Tarantulas – You think and you’re scary
  6. Talented Turtles, Dude! – You are talented but you’re also a chill bunch of dudes
  7. Skillful Snow Leopards – Your skills are what will make you win
  8. Expertly Educated Eagles – You think you’re experts at your topic
  9. Best and Brightest – You are the group of the best students in the class
  10. Amazing Athletes – You might not be the smartest, but you’re the fittest!
  11. Gang of Greatness – Together you will conquer them all
  12. Talented Tyrants – You want your competitors to look out or you’ll beat them all!
  13. Wise Wolves – You’re wise and strategic
  14. Brilliant Bats – You thrive in the dark and come up with bright ideas
  15. Perceptive Panthers – You see things others miss
  16. Keen Koalas – You’re calm but always alert
  17. Sharp Sharks – You’re sharp thinkers and quick to act
  18. Insightful Owls – You’re always watching and learning
  19. Sagacious Squirrels – You’re clever and resourceful
  20. Prodigious Penguins – You’re smart and work well as a team
  21. Quick-Witted Quokkas – You’re always ready with a smart reply
  22. Ingenious Insects – Small but mighty in intellect

Names for Student Groups

class table group names
  1. Clever Clowns – You are smart, but you like to clown around
  2. Perfect Pirates – Arrr, you’re a perfect bunch!
  3. Industrious Irises – You work hard!
  4. The Immortals – You’re a group worthy of a superhero slogan
  5. The Incredibles – You’ve each got your own special skill
  6. The United Nations – You’re a mixed bunch from all over the world
  7. The Persistent Pirates – You’ll never give up until you get your booty!
  8. The Determined Dodgers – You’ve got your eye on the prize
  9. Tenacious Tigers – You’re fierce and unyielding
  10. Diligent Dingos – You’re all great at studying

School Group Names

class table group names
  1. Kindergarten Koalas – They’re cuddly, friendly and loving!
  2. Kindergarten Kangaroos – They’re bouncy and full of energy!
  3. Pre-Schools Pirates – They love to dress up and make funny sounds
  4. Pre-School Pals – They’re friendly and always ready to play
  5. Grade 1 Champions – They strive to be the best in everything they do
  6. Year 1 Winners – They love to win, win, win!
  7. Grade 2 Thinkers – They’re at an age now where it’s time to get serious about learning
  8. Year 2 Explorers – They’re curious and eager to discover new things
  9. Grade 3 Tyrants – At this age, they love to cause a riot!
  10. Year 3 Adventurers – They love to explore and take on new challenges
  11. Grade 4 Flamingos – They’re developing individuality and they’re a little flamboyant
  12. Year 4 Stars – They’re shining bright and finding their talents
  13. Grade 5 Fighters – It’s an age for rough an tumble
  14. Year 5 Warriors – They’re brave and ready to tackle any obstacle
  15. Grade 6 Giants – They’re larger than life!
  16. Year 6 Leaders – They’re taking charge and setting examples for others
  17. Grade 7 Saints – They’re a mature and saintly bunch
  18. Year 7 Scholars – They’re focused and dedicated to their studies

More Names for Study Groups

class table group names
  1. Quirky Quolls – A name for a group of people with smart comebacks
  2. Cheery Cherries – They’re a happy bunch of students
  3. The Shrewd Shrews – Nothing gets past this bunch of study friends
  4. The Prickly Piranhas – There are critical thinkers in this bunch
  5. The Loyal Leopards – It’s a group who will stick together to the end
  6. The Patriotic Panthers – A good name for a sporty bunch who love their country
  7. The Dependable Deplorables! – They’re not the most obedient group in the world but they like it that way!
  8. The Astronauts – A name for a bunch of young scientists
  9. The Young Scientists – Well, the name says it all
  10. The Inquisitive Insects – A scientific bunch who are naturally inclined to biology work
  11. The Table of Tyrants – This is a table group with an attitude
  12. The Unicorns – Maybe a good name for a group of girls with unique personalities
  13. The Magical Mathematicians – This group love math
  14. The Rapid Readers – A group of students who are above their reading grade level
  15. The Puzzle Masters – These guys love to solve a puzzle or two

More Student Group Names

class table group names
  1. The Smart Art Kids – These kids love artwork
  2. The Three Musketeers – A name for a group of three students
  3. The Crafty Cats – A group of students who love arts and craft
  4. Table of Terrors – This sounds like a boisterous bunch
  5. The Winners Already – They’re confident, that’s for sure!
  6. The Sleepy Scholars – They’re smart, but they also don’t mind a midday nap on the table.
  7. The Wizz Kids – These are the best and brightest bunch in the class
  8. The Gang of Geniuses – Nothing’s going to stop this group from rising to the top
  9. The Brainy Bunch – A smart group of students who know their alliteration … and their cultural references.
  10. The Teamwork Trio – A name for a group of three
  11. The Dragons – An aspirational group who love to go on adventures
  12. The Creative Crew – They’re always coming up with new ideas
  13. The Science Squad – They love all things science
  14. The Reading Rockets – They’re passionate about books
  15. The Math Masters – They excel in mathematics
  16. The History Buffs – They’re fascinated by the past
  17. The Tech Titans – They’re into technology and gadgets
  18. The Artistic Avengers – They combine creativity with a heroic flair
  19. The Sporty Stars – They shine in sports and physical activities
  20. The Eco Enthusiasts – They care about the environment and sustainability
  21. The Musical Maestros – They’re talented in music and performance
  22. The Language Legends – They’re great at learning and using new languages

Virtual Classroom Group Names

  1. The Online Octopuses – Good for a group of 8!
  2. The Virtual Vampires – A typical alliterative animal group name
  3. The Internet Explorers – A play on words with the Windows browser name
  4. Skype Group Superstars – If you use Skype to communicate
  5. Zoom Group Zebras – If you use Zoom to communicate
  6. The Four Squares – Because when we meet, we fit in 4 squares
  7. The Long-Distance Lizards – Even better if everyone’s spread out across the country
  8. The Web Cam Wonders – A name for friends who meet on Web Cams
  9. The Computer Cats – Good for a group of introverts perhaps
  10. The Spiders on the Web – A play on words with an animal theme
  11. The Cyber Sharks – Fierce and always online
  12. The Digital Dolphins – Smooth communicators in the virtual world
  13. The WiFi Wizards – Masters of connecting through the internet
  14. The Remote Raccoons – Clever and adaptable in virtual settings

Group Work at School – Why it’s so Important!

Working in groups is central to the development of both cognitive and social skills. When students work with others, they learn to see things from other people’s perspectives. This can help them to crack through problems and barriers.

As a teacher, I’ll often try endlessly to explain things to my 8 year old students … then I get one of those students to rephrase what I said once and all of a sudden, the whole group gets it! Sometimes, kids are just better at explaining things to other kids at their own level.

Students also get to practice important vocabulary when working together. Allowing students to talk to one another gives them a chance to not only passively hear language in use, but also actively apply it. This isn’t only good for ESL students, but all classrooms.

Another important reason groups are important is social skills. Students need to learn to share resources at the table, and take on roles like leader and learner. When a student helps teach another student at the desk, they’re developing skills like patience, effective communication, and belongingness.

By assigning cool group names to your groups of students, you’re getting the year off to a good start!

Why Class Names Matter

Coming up with a name for your class is a fun Week 1 activity to break the ice with your students. But a class group name can also create a sense of belonging, community and inclusion among the students.

Across the whole school, assigning team names for school groups creates a sense of positive competition across the school. You could even create whole school team names so the entire school’s got a name, or four or five group names for the school like the houses in Harry Potter – ‘Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff’.

All these types of school group names can create that sense of inclusion that you’re after.


Group names for a class or whole school are fun, allow children to express their creativity, and can foster a sense of belonging for your students. This list of class group names can help inspire your students to come up with a fun name of their own.

Be careful to make sure the team names do not exclude others or create the wrong atmosphere in the classroom or school.

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