What do Czech People Look Like? (10 Features & Stereotypes)

Common Czech people features include above-average height, a slender build, a light complexion, and brown hair.

Before the 20th century, the Czechs were referred to as Bohemians. This is because many of them trace their ethnic heritage to a region in the Western part of their country historically known as Bohemia.

It is the largest and most populated of the three historical lands that made up the country, with the other two being Moravia and the southern tip of Silesia.

While these regions are no longer recognized as separate administrative entities, they are still represented in the Czech coat of arms.

As in many countries, the residents have mixed origins and ethnicities. The Czech Republic, or Czechia as it was named in 2016, actually has quite a huge population of ex-pats.

However, a good majority is still of Czech ethnicity, as confirmed in a recent census where more than 80% of the participants were of Czech heritage.

Czech People Features (What They Look Like)

Note: These are averages, trends, and stereotypes, and may not reflect or be representative of any individual Czech person.

1. Above-Average Height

The Czechs are tall and rank among the top 10 tallest people in the world.

On average, the men stand at an impressive 180cm or 5’11”, while the women are at around 166cm or 5’5”.

This is quite a considerable improvement since the Czech people were only ranked 24th in terms of height about a hundred years ago.

2. Slender Body Type

Czech people are generally characterized by their slender builds. This may be because Czech people are known for being physically active.

As such, it is common to see them participating in outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains, skiing in the wintertime, or swimming in the local lakes during summer.

This contributes to many people having a toned build with athletic curves at the hips and bust line. As a result of these activities, they often have muscular arms and legs too.

3. Light to Medium Complexion

While they are usually known for their fair skin that has a natural glow due to the country’s temperate climate, sun-kissed skin is not uncommon among Czechs, given how long summer days can be.

Additionally, Czechs usually take good care of their complexion by using natural remedies like honey masks or creams made from almonds or olive oil as part of their regular beauty regimen.

4. Brown Hair Color

Many Czechs have light to medium brown hair with lighter shades of darker hues, while others may have dark brown or black hair.

In terms of population, brown hair is the most common color among the Czech people, but they find blond hair the most desirable.

There are also quite a few people with red hair, while around 12% of Czechs have gray hair.

5. Strong Facial Structure

Most Czechs have strong and attractive facial features, including high cheekbones, full lips, strong chins, and shaped eyebrows.

Czech women were even voted to have the face of the world’s “dream woman” in a poll conducted by an international dating site.

Along with the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the Netherlands were also declared to have the prettiest faces due to their facial symmetry, defined jawlines, and high cheekbones.

Stereotypical Character Traits of Czech People

6. Dining Out

Czech people are known for eating out a lot, and this is true. While dining out is not an unusual habit, the Czechs like to dine outside the home or office more often than others.

This is not likely to change anytime soon as reports show that the number of Czechs who choose to leave their office for lunch had grown by almost 15% over the past ten years.

According to a recent survey, around 70% of Czechs would go to visit canteens or nearby restaurants every workday. As such, they also tend to spend more on their meals compared to their neighboring countries, and this helps to drive their economy.

About 6.5% of Czech people’s expenditures are spent on eating out, which is significantly higher than Slovakia’s 5.6%, Germany’s 4.3%, and Poland’s 3%.

7. Formal And Reserved

Don’t take it personally if you are visiting Czechia and notice that people look grim or unapproachable. Supposedly, they are just not used to being genial all the time or smiling for no particular reason.

Stereotypically, Czechs also tend to be more reserved and carry a serious face when around strangers.

Once you get to know them, however, they will let you see their real personalities. Czechs are very friendly and accommodating to people they have close relationships with.

8. Close Family Ties

Czech people also have strong traditions when it comes to family life. For example, friends and family often join together for Sunday dinners.

However, it is rare for a family to have more than two children. It is also common for extended families to live together, such as the grandparents living with the family of their son or daughter.

9. Active Nightlife

Despite its relatively small size, the Czechs are famous for having a vibrant nightlife scene. Their nightlife is often considered one of the liveliest in Europe.

They have clubs in almost every major city offering live music or DJs playing genres like techno-pop or hip-hop till early morning hours.

The pubs themselves are also quite charming, characterized by cozy interiors decorated with wooden furniture & antique memorabilia, creating an atmosphere unlike any other European country.

10. Not Religious

Despite their proximity to the highly-religious Polish people, Czechs are not very religious. Previous surveys have revealed that more than half of the population, 66% to be exact, do not really believe in God.

This is quite a big number compared to only 29% who said they do.

Of those who do believe, more than 70% do not identify with a religious group, including almost 50% who said that they have no particular religion.

A major reason for this is their upbringing, as almost 80% of Czech parents say that they are raising their children with no particular religious affiliation.


The Czech people have a distinct physical appearance often characterized by light to medium skin, above-average heights, and slender body types. They have striking physical features, making them attractive according to global standards. As a case in point, their women have been voted as having the dream girl face in an international survey.

In addition to their distinctive looks, Czechs are also known for their social life, which includes an active clubbing scene, a preference for beer drinking, and an inclination to dining out. They are friendly and have close family ties but tend to appear formal and reserved when around strangers.

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