10 Online Drinking Games for College Students (2020)

best online drinking gamesDrinking at a distance? Here are some fun drinking games you can do with your friends online.

These online drinking games are great for a night when you’re away from your friends but want to skype them and have some fun. It’s also great if you’re pre-drinking separately but are going out to the pub or club together later on.

Don’t forget, though: these games are only for people legally allowed to drink!

Let’s go.

Please Drink Responsibly and Legally.

Best Online Drinking Games

1. Psych! Outwit Your Friends (App)

You need: To download the app

Psych! is an awesome app where you try to outwit your friends. It’s from the makers of the crazily addictive game “heads up” and is just as fun!

The app presents multiple choice questions. But, you get to place false answers among the ‘real’ answers to try to trick your friends into selecting the wrong answer.

It’s a multiplayer app where you invite your friends to join the app. Then, select a category or create your own. The game will walk you through each and every step.

To turn this into a drinking game:

Simple! If you guess the wrong answer, you drink!

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2. Drinking Watch Party (Drink Every Time…)

You need: Netflix

You might have noticed that watch parties have become a massive thing recently.

They’re basically ‘parties’ where you and your friends all watch the same show simultanously. Both Facebook and Netflix promote the ability to have a watch party with your friends.

Once you’ve started the watch party, set yourselves rules like:

  • Drink every time there’s a kiss
  • Drink every time there’s a joke
  • Drink every time someone speaks Spanish

I like to personalize the rules for the show we’re watching. Your rules can include telling people to drink when a character says one of their famous sayings, e.g.:

  • When Bart Simpson says “Don’t have a cow, man!” or
  • Homer says “D’oh!”

3. Paint Screen-Share Pictionary

You need: Skype

Everyone knows Pictionary. Get into teams. One person draws a picture and the members of the team have to guess what you’re drawing.

Here’s how to turn it into an online game:

  1. Everyone get together on Skype chat.
  2. Separate yourselves into two teams.
  3. The first player on Team 1 chooses something to draw from a pictionary words lists.
  4. This player shares their screen on Skype (see instructions) and opens up Microsoft Paint.
  5. The player has 90 seconds to draw their picture while their team members guess.
  6. The opponents set a timer to enforce the 90 second rule.
  7. Alternate turns between teams.

To turn this into a drinking game:

If your team guesses the picture in time, the other team drinks. If your team doesn’t guess the picture, you drink! 

4. Wheel Decide (Remote Flip Cup)

You need: Skype, the Website ‘Wheel Decide’

Use the Wheel Decide Drinking Game and compete with each other over Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

This game is inspired by King’s Cup. The wheel will stop and provide instructions like:

  • You Drink
  • Give a Drink
  • Girls Drink
  • Date/Mate: The spinner chooses another partner to drink with. This pair must drink together any time one or the other must drink.
  • Thumb Master: The spinner is now the Thumb Master. At any one time during the game, the Thumb Master may discreetly put their thumb on the table. Everyone must put their thumb on the table. The last person to put their thumb on the table drinks. (For this one, we get the Thumb master to just give their screen a thumbs up).

This is best played over video hook-up so you can monitor each other and make sure each other drinks!

5. Drink and Tell App (Multiple Choice Game)

You need: To download the app

The Drink and Tell app is an awesome app for drinking together.

While designed for drinking face-to-face it’s a really easy one to translate to Skype drinking chat. There aren’t any instructions for physical interaction so you should be good to go for a virtual chat.

The game involves:

  • Select a category.
  • The player in the hot seat gets a multi-choice answer on their phone.
  • Everyone has to guess what that selected person will answer.
  • The person reveals their answer.
  • Everyone who guessed wrong has to drink.

6. Drunk Pirate (Website Game)

You need: The website

Drunk Pirate (https://drunkpirate.co.uk/) is a very simple drinking game that essentially auto-generates instructions for group gameplay.

Simply click the screen for it to generate a new flipcard with instructions on it.

Instructions are quite simple, like:

  • “The player showing the most skin must drink.”
  • “Drink for the amount of countries you’ve been to.”
  • “Guys drink.”

However, despite being promoted as an ‘online game’, the game appears to be designed for you to play with people who are in the same room as you. There are instructions like: “Swap seats with one other player.” Clearly, this game is just an automation of a flipcard drinking game rather than designed for virtual drinking! So, not my favorite but still on the list.

7. Evil Apples App (Digital Cards Against Humanity)

You need: To download the app

Evil Apples is basically Cards Against Humanity, but on an app. Being app based, players can play this at a distance. You type your answer on your phone, then the app collates the answers and send them to the judge who chooses their favorite answer card.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Every player is given a prompt statement with a fill-in-the-blank.
  • Each player fills in the blank with their favorite, wittiest comment.
  • The player assigned as the ‘judge’ for the round chooses their favorite witty comment.

To turn this into a drinking game:

  • The person whose witty comment is selected … Drinks! (Well, that’s how I’m playing it!)

The questions are all pretty tame compared to Cards Against Humanity.

8. Words with Friends App

You need: To download the app

Words with friends is another non-drinking game that can be converted into a drinking game easily.

Words with friends is basically scrabble. You take turns to place a word on the board. Just like in scrabble, you get points for how good the word is and whether you were able to place it on sections of the board that provide bonus points.

To turn this into a drinking game:

To turn this into a drinking game, you simply need to make the person who gets the least points per turn to drink. If you’re no good at word games, you’ll get tipsy pretty fast!

9. ‘Buzz’ via Skype

You need: Skype

The game of Buzz has the following rules (via Skype):

  1. Get each team member onto Skype.
  2. Sort yourselves into a pre-approved order: know who goes before you and who goes after you.
  3. You go around in a circle – as fast as you can – counting up from 1, 2, 3, 4, … etc.
  4. Players have to remember to skip the numbers 7, 10 and their multiples (7, 14, 20, 21, 28, 30, etc. etc.)
  5. If you hit on one of those numbers, you have to replace that number with the word ‘Buzz’
  6. If you say the number instead of ‘Buzz’, you take a drink!

10. Two Truths and a Lie

You need: Skype

Two Truths and a Lie is another simple drinking game that can be played over Skype or even a messenger chat.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Each person gets a turn to say two true things and one untrue thing about themselves.
  2. The other players have to collaborate to try to guess which point is a lie.
  3. To play a harder version: the other players get to ask 2 questions about each statement to pry and get more information about each of the three statements you made.
  4. If they guess correctly, you drink. If you fool them, they drink.

Final Thoughts

When you’re separated from your friends, there’s no reason for you not to stop partying! Plus, who wants to drink alone? Get on the video chat and get drinking socially!

Hopefully these ideas have got your mind turning, and good luck with your virtual group party! And don’t forget – drink responsibly and legally.