6 Best Whiteboards for Teachers

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My Top Pick:

My pick for the best whiteboard for teachers is this easel whiteboard by “Maxtek” (pictured). I love that it’s portable and maneuverable so you can place it in the perfect position.

You can use it for both in-class or online teaching by placing it in front of the camera. It is quite large for plenty of writing space and also has a clip for hanging flipchart paper. You can check today’s price on Amazon.

But if you want the best wall-mounted whiteboard option, I personally like the Wall Mounted Dry-Erase Whiteboard by “Officeline”. It has a great tray for holding your pens and comes in 3 different sizes. You can check today’s price on Amazon

Key Selection Criteria for Whiteboards for Teaching

When selecting a whiteboard, some important things to consider are:

1. Size: A small whiteboard will come in at about 12 x 18 inches but you will likely run out of writing space fast. Mid-size is about 24 x 36 inches and Large is about 48 x 32. Have a think about the size that best suits your needs before purchasing. 

2. Style: You can get small handheld whiteboards, wall hanging whiteboards, or whiteboards that sit on easels.

3. Price Point: Prices vary widely. You can get an affordable whiteboard for teaching that is hand-held for as little as $15. Large self-standing whiteboards can range up to $200.

I have provided a full selection criteria at the end of this article for further information on how I selected the shortlisted whiteboards below.

But first, here are the best white boards for teachers:

  • Easel Flipchart & White Board by “Maxtek”
  • Wall Mounted Dry-Erase Whiteboard by “Officeline”
  • Magnetic Whiteboard with Wood Frame by “Quartet”
  • 6-Pack Dry Erase Lap Board by “Scribbledo”
  • Double Sided Self-Standing Desktop Whiteboard by “RioFly”
  • Large Dry Erase Board on Rolling Stand by “Vivo”
  • Wall Adhesive Whiteboard Roll by “MagJump”

Best Whiteboards for Teachers

#Top Whiteboards for TeachersQuick ReviewMy Rating
1. Easel Flipchart & White Board by “Maxtek”The benefit of this one is that it’s portable. You can also clip flipchart paper onto the board. I will often use this whiteboard for online teaching as I can position it comfortably in front of the camera. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


2. Large Dry Erase Board on Rolling Stand by “Vivo”This is a nice large rolling whiteboard that you can roll into a discrete location in the classroom when not in use. It is double-sided with a pen tray. However, it is relatively expensive. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


3. Wall Mounted Dry-Erase Whiteboard by “Officeline”Get this one if you have a dedicated teaching space where you can place a wall mounted whiteboard. Choose between three sizes at the checkout. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


4. 6-Pack Dry Erase Lap Board by “Scribbledo”Get this set if you want to be able to pass around whiteboards for students to write on. This is great for integrating student-centered active learning into your instruction. I use this for math classes regularly. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


5. Wall Adhesive Whiteboard Roll by “MagJump”This one is a great idea for an affordable and versatile wall mounted whiteboard. It comes as a roll which you then stick onto the wall of your choice using the included adhesive. You can also stick it to a desk and cut it to size. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


6. Magnetic Whiteboard with Wood Frame by “Quartet”This whiteboard is wall mounted but has a nice wooden frame. There is no tray for holding pens, although a magnetic pen will stick to the board. It may be too small for a large class. (Check Today’s Price on Amazon)


1. Easel Flipchart & White Board by “Maxtek”

Quick Review: The best white board for teachers who want a portable whiteboard.

I am a big fan of this whiteboard. It’s the perfect size for me. I find most portable whiteboards end up being too small, my writing gets tiny, and my students can’t read it. But this one is just about the right size for me.

The height is adjustable through one knob at the back of the easel. As a taller person, I raise it up quite a bit, but sometimes find I need to lower it when I invite students up to the front of class to write on the board. The other time I find myself adjusting it is for online classes where I find I need to raise the board so it’s at the perfect height for the camera.

You can also clip flipchart paper onto the board. This can sometimes come in handy when doing artwork with the easel.

There are two things that are a little bothersome about this whiteboard. First, it doesn’t have a tray at the base for holding your pens and eraser. However, it is magnetic and you get a magnetic eraser so it can be stored by just being stuck to the board.

The other thing is that you can’t place the board on horizontal mode so you’ll always be writing in portrait style.

Overall, this is a great whiteboard for a teacher always on the move between classrooms.

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Portable: Fold it up, deconstruct it, and throw it in the back of your car. Or, just move it to another part of the classroom or into your classroom’s storage cupboard.
  • Magnetic: Play magnetic games with your class using the board.
  • Flipchart Paper Option: Clip flipchart paper to the board when wanting to do brainstorming or drawing sessions on paper surfaces.
  • Adjustable Height: Use a simple knob at the back to adjust the height up and down to get it perfect for your height.
  • Includes Eraser, Pens, Magnets: You will receive accessories so you can get started straight out of the box.

Keep in Mind:

  • No Tray: It does bother me that there isn’t a pen holder tray for this one
  • Cannot Flip Horizontally: It’s a bit awkward to place the board horizontally on the easel.

2. Large Dry Erase Board on Rolling Stand by “Vivo”

Quick Review: A fantastic large rolling whiteboard with all the bells and whistles, but you will pay for the quality.

I like this whiteboard because it’s so large but also so portable. You can easily roll it into position and roll it away for storage. Lock the wheels when you’ve got it in place so it doesn’t roll away or squish children’s hands.

Another great aspect is that it is a double-sided board. Simply flip the board and lock it back in place to get to the other side. When working with this whiteboard, I’ll often write the ‘answers’ on the back in preparation for class. Once we have had the lesson or quiz, I’ll just flip it over to reveal the answers. This is a huge time saver.

Most double-sided or flip-able boards don’t come with pen trays. But this one has a clever pen tray under the board rather than attached to it, which means you have somewhere to store your pens even when you flip the board.

Unfortunately the height is not adjustable, which is my only main complaint.

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Large: I love the size (48″ x 32″) which makes it perfect for whole group presentations.
  • Movable: You can roll it in and out of position on the rollers, then lock it in place for the lesson.
  • Double Sided: You can flip it to reveal the back side very easily.
  • Pen Try: A nice long pen tray at the base.
  • Magnetic: Use it for magnetic games with your class, or get a magnetic eraser (not included) that you can store straight on the board.

Keep in Mind:

  • A Little Expensive: To be fair, the price is about right for the range of options you get – but because it’s a better product, it’s also a more expensive product than the rest on this list.

3. Wall Mounted Dry-Erase Whiteboard by “Officeline”

Quick Review: The best wall-mounted whiteboard for a classroom wall. Choose your size (‘Large’ is recommended for a whole-class presentation).

This whiteboard is a simple but intuitive design. The designers have thought things through well.

First, this whiteboard has a tray for holding pens and erasers. This is a big deal for me because it annoys me so much when I’ve got nowhere to hold my pens when I’m switching between colors.

Second, it comes with a magnetic pen, eraser and magnets – meaning the tray is only necessary for holding your other pens! So, they over-delivered here.

Third, you can select from three sizes: 12 x 18 inch, 24 x 36 inch, and 26 x 48 inch. Personally, I think the smallest size would only be worthwhile for a personal whiteboard in the study. The two larger sizes would be sufficient for a classroom wall.

It’s also designed to be lightweight and includes all the mounting materials so you can get to placing it on your wall as soon as it arrives.

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Choose your Size: Comes in small, medium and large.
  • Pen Tray: I like that you can insert a pen try for holding your pens at the base of the board (although this is optional – so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want).
  • Comes with Accessories: It comes with pens, magnets and an eraser for you to get started right out of the pack.
  • Magnetic: The accessories are all magnetic and will stick to the magnetic whiteboard.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not Portable: Once you’ve screwed it on the wall, it’ll stay there!

4. 6-Pack Dry Erase Lap Board by “Scribbledo”

Quick Review: A good choice for getting students actively contributing while working on whiteboard activities.

This 6-pack of whiteboards are small hand-held whiteboards that you distribute out to your students. Keep one for yourself (or use a larger whiteboard in the front of class) and model tasks. For example, model a math equation and have your students copy your steps on their own boards. It can also be great for modeled drawing activities or writing tasks in ESL classrooms.

The boards are very durable and reusable so younger children will manage with them well. When I use these boards, I usually hand out a packet of tissues and get each student to take some tissues for clearing their boards before I receive the boards back from the class to stack them for next time.

The boards are non-magnetic. Another downside is that they may be too small for whole-group instruction. You might want a larger board such as the easel board for yourself out the front so your students can see your demonstrations.

You might want to also consider getting several packs at once – e.g. if you have 24 students, you’ll need 4 of these packs. Fortunately they’re quite affordable.

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Student Centered Learning: Each student gets their own board for student-centered active learning experiences.
  • Affordable: For 6 different boards, this is a well priced product.
  • Small: Your students will be able to hold them in their laps or on their desks comfortably.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not Magnetic: You won’t be able to use this for magnetic tasks.
  • May be too Small for you: If you’re planning on doing whole-class presentations, you might want a larger board for the whole class to be able to see it.

5. Magnetic Whiteboard with Wood Frame by “Quartet”

Quick Review: A mid-sized alternative to the above wall-mounted whiteboard, but comes with a wood frame. May be too small for a large class presentation.

If you prefer a wooden frame, this is your board. It’s a decent mid-sized board (17″ x 23″) that could be used for either personal or in-class use. It is small enough that it’s quite lightweight and can be hung on nails, 3M adhesive hooks or even strong double-sided tape.

A magnetic marker and magnets are included in the pack, but not an eraser which is a disappointment. The other disappointment is that it doesn’t have a tray for holding extra pens at the base.

Nonetheless you can mount it on the wall either horizontally or vertically and it’s very inexpensive for the size.

I’d probably hedge toward getting the larger size of the above wall-mounted whiteboard by “Officeline” if I wanted to do presentations in front of a larger class.

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Affordable: It’s very inexpensive for the size.
  • Wood Frame: Many people may prefer the looks of a wood frame over an aluminum frame.
  • Easy to Mount: You can mount it vertically or horizontally and the mounting gear is provided in the pack.

Keep in Mind:

  • Mid Sized: If you’re intending to present information to a class of 25 students, you might want a larger board. The sizing of this one is 17″ x 23″.
  • Not Mobile: It’s designed to be mounted to a wall and then to stay there.

6. Wall Adhesive Whiteboard Roll by “MagJump”

Quick Review: This whiteboard comes as a roll that you unroll and stick to any flat surface you’d like.

This is a really interesting concept for a whiteboard. You get it as a roll then connect it to the wall using double-sided tape (included in the pack).

You can stick it to non-traditional surfaces like windows, tabletops, tiles, woods, and even curved surfaces.

You can also use a knife to stick the board to a surface such as a round table then cut it so it fits the shape of the surface. In this way you can turn an shaped object or table into a dry erase whiteboard. It’s a really cool idea!

You will see that you can buy the EVA and FE options. The FE option is magnetic and only a few dollars more, so worth it in my opinion.

It comes in the 24″ x 36″ size, but it has no borders so if you need a larger one, just get two! In fact, if you get enough you can create an entirely magnetic whiteboard wall in your classroom. 

Why This Whiteboard:

  • Sticks to Many Surfaces: Can turn a curved surface or a desk into a magnetic whiteboard.
  • Good Size: At 24″ x 36″, this board should be enough for whole-class presentations.
  • Reasonable Price: For what you’re getting, I was impressed by the price point.

Keep in Mind:

  • Choose the Magnetic Option: The EVA option is not magnetic, the FE option is. You can choose which one you want when on Amazon.

What to Look for in a Whiteboard for Teaching

1. Price Point

You’re looking at anywhere between $15 to $200 for the items on this list. The cheaper versions are likely to be non-magnetic, small and not come with accessories. Generally, at the price rises, so too does the quality. The larger items will be somewhat more expensive but also have additional features like magnetism, accessories and a pen tray.

2. Size

There are generally three sizes of whiteboards:

  • Personal Size: 12″ x 9″ for a lap board.
  • Small: 16″ x 12″ or 18″ x 12″. These would be good for small group presentations, but not enough for a whole group.
  • Medium: 24″ x 36″. I don’t mind this size, particularly for a personal office, a small class, or an online lesson.
  • Large: 36″ x 48″. This is a good size for a large group.

3. Style

Common styles of whiteboards include:

  • Wall Mounted: You will need to hang, stick or hammer these into a wall. Pick your spot wisely as it won’t be mobile!
  • Self-Standing: Self-standing white boards come on easels, rollers, or as an A-frame board. These boards are often portable which is great for a small classroom where space is limited or a substitute teacher who needs to take their own board to and from school.
  • Personal: A personal board will fit on your table or lap.

4. Magnetism

Most whiteboards are magnetic, but not all. Some cheaper versions will be non-magnetic. I prefer a magnetic board because I can stick my magnetic eraser to the board for ease of use. I can also play magnetic games with my students – which is great for spelling classes using magnetic letters.

5. Accessories

Some of the mid- to higher- priced whiteboards come with included magnetic pens, magnets and erasrs.

6. Pen Tray

I can’t stand a whiteboard without a pen tray! Personally, I’m always using a pen tray because I’m always switching between colors when writing on by boards. When switching pens, it’s such a pain when there’s nowhere to store the pens I’m not currently using. So, I strongly recommend choosing a whiteboard with a pen tray.

7. Double Sided

I do like a double-sided whiteboard. They’re great for setting up two classes one after another. You can prepare your 2nd lesson on the back side of the board. Simply flip the board to start the next lesson. It’s also good for hiding the answers to a quiz, then flipping to the ‘answer’ side when it’s time to grade the students. 

8. Portable and Movable

A portable board is my preference. These boards can be moved around so they’re in the perfect position for the lesson. They can also be conveniently stored away in a cupboard when not in use. They’re also perfect for teachers who don’t have a ‘home’ classroom.

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Final Thoughts

My pick for the best whiteboard for teaching is the easel whiteboard by “Maxtek”. It ticks all the boxes for me in terms of size and portability. The only thing that bothers me is it doesn’t have a pen tray. Another option (for a wall mounted board) is the Wall Mounted Dry-Erase Whiteboard by “Officeline” – it’s good quality and comes in at a good price point. You can also pick your size.

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