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23 Achieved Status Examples

 Achieved Status Examples 1. Rewards and Honors One of the most formal ways to achieve a higher status is to get a reward or certificate that actually states the status that you have achieved. An example is to receive a medal for an athletic achievement. Similarly, excellent painters might receive an award for their artwork […]

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15 Ableism Examples

Ableism Examples 1. Assuming Inability When someone assumes a person with a disability can’t perform a task without even asking them, it’s ableism. This might happen in the workplace when tasks are reassigned without consulting the person with a disability. It undermines their abilities and can damage their confidence. Everyone should be given the opportunity

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25 Defense Mechanisms Examples

Defense Mechanisms Examples Research Basis 1. Self-Affirmation Theory We all have a self-identity which contains information about who we are. But what happens when we encounter information that contradicts that self-identity? For example, when a person thinks of themselves as being a really good chess player, but then loses several times in a row to

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18 Adaptive Behavior Examples

Adaptive Behavior Examples 1. Tying Shoes Type: Practical Skill Tying shoes is a fundamental practical skill that involves manipulating shoelaces to create a secure knot. This skill requires fine motor coordination, dexterity, and the ability to follow a sequence of steps. Learning to tie shoes is often one of the first milestones in a child’s

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15 Cooperative Play Examples

Cooperative Play Examples 1. Building a Block Tower Together Children gather to build a tall tower using blocks. They work together, deciding which blocks to use and where to place them. They take turns, share ideas, and support each other to prevent the tower from falling. This activity helps children practice communication, negotiation, and teamwork

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15 Parallel Play Examples

Parallel Play Examples 1. Building with Blocks In a classroom, two toddlers sit next to each other, each with their own set of building blocks. One child might build a tower while the other constructs a bridge. They don’t directly communicate but occasionally glance at each other’s creations. This type of play allows them to

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50 Pretend Play Examples

Pretend Play Examples 1. Playing HouseChildren pretend to be family members, taking on roles like parents, siblings, or pets. They mimic everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies, practicing social skills and empathy. 2. SuperheroesKids dress up as their favorite superheroes, imagining they have special powers. This type of play helps

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10 Dramatic Play Examples

Dramatic Play Examples 1. Playing house Kids take on different family roles, like mom, dad, and siblings, while using a toy kitchen to cook pretend meals. They might set the table, serve imaginary food, and even clean up. This play helps them understand family dynamics and practice everyday routines. It also encourages sharing and cooperative

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15 Social Learning Theory Examples

Social Learning Theory postulates that people can learn by observing others. For example, we learn table manners by observing our parents at the dinner table. Social Learning Theory Examples 1. The Bobo Doll Study By far the most famous example of Bandura’s social learning theory was his research involving a Bobo doll. Bandura had different

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